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The Real Photography

The Real Photography

There is a mystical preconceptions about photography that the folk try to feed, that preconcept is the real photography…

Some says that to make great photos you have to be an artist, some says the real photography is a match of photographycs rules, some again you must to be in the place but in my opinion this opinion are a cultural stereotypes.

One prerequisite about is that the photo must communicate something, of course there are some rules to follow but them are not cliché indeed you can break some law to power your communication.

The real photography at the end is a relationship, a relationship you develop with the photo you care, a relationship you build with the subject, a relationship with the folk you communicate with.

At the end invest on your value and the real photography will emerge and you know, you will not listen anymore who criticize your work of course you will see what real matter.


Hi, I am an Italian Photographer based in Parma Italy here are some works. I hope you enjoy!