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Camera and Photography

Camera and Photography



Our camera is one of the main tool in the photography’s field.

We all agree but we can say little more…

Often people make association between a photo and the camera.

Every photo born indeed with a camera, however with the only camera we cannot snap good quality photos.

Photograph is a way ourself perceive the reality, take it to extremes not only for the photographer who did it, but even for the observer who see it. To take good photos we need good eyes that observes the world. We need to train our eyes, doesn’t exist good photo without a good observer.

“Our photos is how we Perceive the world. A good Photographer is first of all a good observer who feed himself with thought, images, people and emotions”

This step further is a constantly training, research and choice.

Camera is a merely agent.

“Use the camera that doesn’t stop you to photograph”

Hi, I am an Italian Photographer based in Parma Italy here are some works. I hope you enjoy!

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